RoHS Directive

A&R Electronic Developments can provide lead free soldering in order to conform to the RoHS Directive.

Through product evaluation A&R Electronic Developments will help you to determine aspects of your existing products that may require changes in order to become RoHS Compliant. Our manufacturing and design team will highlight changes that may need to be made in design and manufacturing in order to conform and will advise if your product remains exempt.

While A&R Electronic Developments use lead free soldering, manufacturing with leaded solder remains available to Subcontract Printed Circuit Board clients where appropriate.

A&R Electronic Developments work to help minimise the effect on the environment - an established Staffordshire company we work to comply with and wherever possible exceed UK legislative compliance. We monitor the energy consumption within our own production processes and work to develop products that are energy efficient. While we continue to offer leaded solder for exempt products our aim is to continually reduce hazardous substances and will procure from environmentally aware suppliers to help us achieve this goal.

Contact A&R Electronic Developments for more details on RoHS Compliance.