Incredible service. Sent away my carver cascade 2 water heater burner module on Thursday. Received it back on Saturday morning, fully refurbished and working like brand new - I should mention I live in the Outer Hebrides (Scottish islands) so such a fast turnaround is noteworthy.

The Workmanship is clean and tidy and the engineer clearly takes pride in his work. Fantastic service and quality of work and for this level of service and fast turnaround, brilliant value. Highly impressed thankyou.

Alec H, May 2024

I've been having trouble with a non working Truma C6302 Combi boiler in my Hymer CC644. Yesterday I travelled down to stay nearby to a fantastic company who repair them in the Midlands, often while you wait. They are, I'm informed the only people repairing them in the UK.

You do have to remove the boiler prior to having it fixed. Oh and they don't advise having it couriered to them as they usually arrived smashed.

Richard (Owner) is a genius!!

Diagnosed a wrong connection, rewound the fan motor and repaired a circuit board. Took 1 hour. You can wait and watch or come back later. £250 all in. You're paying to know where to hit it...

I cannot recommend them highly enough. Sure it cost me a few nights camping ,(mainly to put it all back as it was) and the repair cost, however the alternative is £2000 ish to have a new (better)  one installed.

You need to book in and talk to them over the phone. They are very helpful (unlike Truma). Thanks

Dan Lebath, May 2024

Had stuff repaired there, good job

Stephen, April 2024

Absolutely great, great service and very quick.😄

Cynthia M Williams, April 2024

Excellent service, fast, efficient and friendly. Fixed a Truma PCB in a few minutes while I waited. Thanks

Jon Holmes, March 2024

Highly recommended repaired my faulty mover control box and combustion fan in 24hrs at a very reasonably cost. I posted them at 1.15pm on a monday and got them back repaired before 1pm the next day saving several hundred pounds on new parts. Thankyou . Hard to find services like this now!

Steve Singo, March 2024

Absolutely unbelievable service! Andrew received my Truma heater pcb and thermostat on Friday morning, he rang at lunchtime to say it was repaired and I got them back special delivery on Saturday morning. He was also previously very helpful on the phone helping me isolate the problem. Thank you!

Jon Venner, March 2024

Took my Truma 6e boiler last week to Richard at (A& R), to check to see if i had a fault. Richard connected the boiler and tested its functionally and found no faults. I asked him how much do i owe you for the test, because i was a previous customer the week before he said no charge. What a true honest gent he is, i still offered something but he advised not required, therefore i promised to write him a good 5 star review instead for his honesty and my overall good  experience.

I found A&R on Google when i needed to test my Truma 6E boilers PCB board and CP control getting the units tested by Richard he has possibly/ potentially saved me hundreds & hundreds of pounds in wasted products for my Truma boiler that may not have been needed.  If the time arises and i need Richards ( A& R) help again,  i would highly recommend the company and would not hesite to visit him or the company again.

 Mair, February 2024

Fantastic service. I had an issue with my truma boiler in my caravan. I tested everything to the best of my ability. With A&R’s help I managed to narrow it down to the data cable. Wonderful service and they couldn't have been more helpful. Would recommend using their services anytime!!! Thank you for all the assistance.

Adrian Haldane, February 2024

I recommend A&R Electronics for efficiency and help in diagnosis.

Fast and efficient service.
the card comes back cleaned with a detailed report of the intervention.

I shipped my card and remote control from France and returned to France quickly.Shipping from France with UPS which is barely more expensive than the post office and above all more efficient for Customs.

Marchal Mickael, February 2024

Excellent service and communication,  highly recommend
Thank you

Neil H, February 2024

Fantastic service! Sent them a PCB and fan 2 days before Xmas. Repaired and posted back the same day special delivery so I had heating for Xmas.

Dean Covington, February 2024

Top notch Service.

Can't rate this company high enough. Sent off for my motor mover to be repaired was a little slow with post on my side and yan was very patient with me. Got it back and it works like brand new . Thank you again so much

Rene Meys, January 2024

A company worth a medal. I sent my damaged Mover to the service center and they repaired it without any problems. Very good contact and successful repair. I recommend!

Iolejko, January 2024

Unbeatable service
So pleased to have discovered this company to repair my Truma motor mover. I posted the receiver and hand control to them on a Wednesday they received it Thursday repaired it on Friday and posted it back to me so I received it on the Saturday! Unbeatable service and a pleasure to deal with, I will certainly be passing on my recommendation to other caravaners

Richard, January 2024

Fantastic very polite friendly kind staff.
Brilliant work and very quick recommendation them always
Thank u

Sarah Newton, January 2024

What a brilliantly talented company. Motor mover sent off for repair and was repaired and back with us within no time at all. Greatly packaged and protected. Very professional and brilliant communication throughout. If only every company operated like this. It’s a 10/10 from us

Jade Williams, January 2024

Needed the igniter for my Carver 5500 Turbo Fanmaster repaired as they are no longer available.Rang one of the engineers number spoke to Jan,He asked me to send some pics of the unit and within 15mins had reply asking me to pack and post it to them which I did.
Posted on Monday 8th received back Thurs 11th.
Refitted all working ..GREAT..
Thank you A&R very much excellent service and communication *****.

Colin Grubham, January 2024


First class service, item posted AM Tuesday and received back after repair Thursday AM.

Keith Hodge, December 2023

Excellent service and communication, definitely recommend just cant fault them, good price too
Many thanks

Nell, December 2023

Brilliant service. Can't recommend enough. Fixed my motorhomes heating even though the unit and parts are obsolete.

Adrian Yates, December 2023

Posted the Control Unit and Handset out on Tuesday at 16.30, received a phone call Wednesday at 11.30 saying unit was fixed and then paid the bill. Received the unit back Thursday at 10.30 , unit was fitted in place and working by 11.00 , can't come at that for service.

Mr Paul Adams, December 2023

Wow very fast work sent my controller box away on Saturday and received it back on Tuesday. Rapid response time.
Well done chaps.

Richard Scott, December 2023

Arrived back well packed fitted it in a temporary state pressed the button and wollar it was up and running. First time ever will plum it in permanently when it stops raining . Cheers .

Mr J Cavaller, December 2023

Arrived very quick only 2days from ordering.
Does exactly as stated in advertisement thought I was going to have to spend a fortune on new mover as it’s old but quick read through the instructions and it was all connected within seconds so easy. And works perfectly.
Would and will recommend to anyone. Thanks

Graham, November 2023

Excellent service. I got my unit back within 48 hours in working order. Low voltage battery part of the problem but worked long enough to demonstrate that the repair worked.
Thanks for the quick fix!

Philip Hanson, November 2023

We had a faulty control box on our caravan mover but AR electronics soon sorted that out,first class service cant fault them.we got our box back in 3 days and is now fitted and workin.

William Anderson, November 2023

Had my caravan Motor Mover repaired here, Excellent service prompt service and cost.
Would recommend this company to anyone.

Michael Willis, November 2023

Truma M1 caravan mover stopped working. Spoke to Truma Technical, who said the unit was obsolete, but pointed me to A&R. Spoke to Richard on the telephone and posted control unit and handset that day. Call from Richard the very next day to tell me that faulty unit repaired. My hand set worked but was held together with tape, so I got a new one. All returned to me the very next day. Brilliant advice and service, and easy on the pocket compared with buying a complete new unit. Faultless. Thank you.

Roy Bushe, November 2023

Fast efficient service even spoke over the weekend regarding my Truma boiler out of my motorhome.
Took it to workshop Richard found fault in no time repairing it just as fast.
Took 1 hour.
Installed back into motorhome working great.
Saved me the price of a new boiler.
Brilliant service

Bernard Hall, November 2023

Best service I’ve had for a long time.carver cascade burner unit sent repaired and returned all in three days, all working great thanks.

BW, November 2023

My Purple Line motor mover control box developed a fault. The manufacturer said it was obsolete and no spares available. A new one would cost £400. Posted the box to A&R on Thursday and received a call on Monday to say it was repaired. Paid £110 via phone on Tuesday and it was returned via postman at 12.30 on Wednesday. Excellent and outstanding service. Saved myself £290.

Gee, November 2023

Immediate attention and diagnosis of problem which was fixed on the spot. Would highly recommend this company.

Mrs Boxley, October 2023

Needed a new remote control for my old caravan mover. Rang A&R for advice and availability and ordered immediately.
The remote arrived within 2 days.....followed the simple instructions to set it up and it worked perfectly.
Good service by A & R....would recommend to anyone.

Tony Welsh, October 2023

This company is great to deal with; they are fast, efficient and get the job done; so much cheaper than buying new parts.

Desmond, October 2023

Had a problem with our pcb board in truma combi boiler, sent it to these guys on a Tuesday morning got a phone call from them next day telling me all fixed, offered me next day delivery which I said yes to so I got it back Thursday morning, back in van that afternoon and all working.
Many thanks guys could not of asked for more.

Allan Gray, October 2023

Recently purchased a caravan motor mover remote from this business. Arrived quickly and works perfectly. Well made, good instructions. Highly recommended.

Stephen McCrory, October 2023

Extremely impressed with all aspects of their work
My motor mover suddenly stopped working mid operation I took the remote and control box over to A&R who repaired it while I waited unbelievable service.
It now works perfectly again would definitely recommend them to anyone

Adrian, October 2023

First class company
Great communications, helpful and friendly staff, who are extremely knowledgeable.
Provided a first class service, gave advice on the product and arranged a rapid delivery of selected products.

Pete, October 2023

Absolutely excellent mover was sent off Saturday and was back with me by the following Wed's all repaired and ready to mover is now fully workin and I couldn't b more pleased with the service I received

Helen Marie Fitton, October 2023

Excellent customer service, mover's handset had problems, returned to A&R and a new key pad fitted. Richard rang to confirm his repair and unit returned very quickly. Thanks again for your help. I can recommend this company.

Roy Higginson, September 2023

I had my trauma gas heater repaired and reconditioned, amazing job. I sent the unit from Northern Ireland to them and wow it was back with me as good as new in 3 days. It was installed and went first touch of the button. I highly recommend this service it is the best I’ve ever had from anyone in my life, 10* it’s a credit to your staff and the service you provide

Damian Mccullough, September 2023

Fantastic Caravan mover repair
I spoke to an engineer who gave advice, which led to me sending my electronic box to AR Electronics. They repaired it and returned the box in just a few days. Highly recommended. Really good company. Oh and reasonably priced as well

Doug Lambert, September 2023

Well amazing service, posted caver burner midday Monday, received phone call from Yan Tuesday 10.30 am to say fault had been fix and unit tested but I had over paid because I didn't also require a burner box and that he would refund the difference and post that day, received unit Wednesday pre 1pm post, replaced unit Wednesday evening worked like new, brilliant

Andrew, September 2023

Had a problem with my Reich motor mover, was looked at repaired and sent back to me the next day, great service and information given, hopefully no more problems but I know who to call.

Steve Richardson, September 2023

Offered a fixed price for my motor mover repair so no nasty surprise. Sent it off late Friday afternoon and had it back in the the caravan before Tuesday dinner time. Excellent service.

Dennis Dennis, September 2023

We had issue with are powertouch control box not working even tho there was power to ut seen A & R electonic developement repairs on ebay so give them ago sent of on the monday it was back with us on wed very repair and turn around thoroughly recommend these guys

Paul, September 2023

Contacted company on Monday 4/09 regarding faulty Truma blower fan. Arranged to visit next day to visually make sure it was repairable. To my surprise, I was told, if we can wait 1/2 hour or so he would repair. Item repaired as promised and shown working. Cannot recommend this company enough. Brilliant service.

Pauline Morris, September 2023

Fantastic service they managed to repair my ecu and have it returned to me within four days of me sending ti them,very good price saved me a lot of money buying a new unit.

John Lowe, September 2023

Very impressive. Sent my component on Saturday. I get a call mid Monday morning to say it’s been checked, then it was back with me by Tuesday morning!!
Brilliant service. I wouldn’t go to anyone else in the future. Thank you so much !!

Philip Brook, September 2023

Excellent service
I was recommended AR by my caravan servicers when my motor mover stopped working. I despatched the bits to them on the Thursday and it’s been repaired and returned to me on the Monday. All sorted and ready to use. Couldn’t be happier!

J Hall, September 2023

Carver Cascade Repair and Test
Excellent and personable experience. The repair, part replacement and test were conducted very quickly and efficiently. The price was reasonable too.
I'll be going back with my faulty Fanmaster.

Pete Dams, August 2023

Great service from this company, can't praise them highly enough, prompt response and very fast turnaround! Don't bother looking elsewhere, these are the best. Thank you

Mrs Hill, August 2023

Great turn around sent item Monday it was returned back to me Wednesday great service and very inexpensive great job thank you

Paul Donald, August 2023

Excellent, genuine company. Needed a replacement Truma motor mover remote. It was supplied quickly and when I got a bit stuck with the set up, called them and they couldn't have been more helpful. Got me out of a real hole! Thanks!

Gareth Bowden, August 2023

Circuit board on motor mover
Fantastic service sent our motor mover circuit board off on Monday and received it back on Thursday all repaired we are down from launceston on holiday and couldn’t have been given a better service.

Trudle Wakefield, August 2023

Can not recommend this company enough 7 days before we were due to go on holiday we realised our motor mover wasn't working. Got intouch with a&r electronics Ltd and they said if I sent it straight away they would have it back i time and fixed for our holiday. Sent on the Sunday they received it Monday they had fixed and sent it back received it on the Tuesday. Absolutely amazing saved our holiday can't thank them enough x

Jodie Deaville, August 2023

Would highly recommend as a really great supplier. I ordered a caravan motor mover remote after my original one failed. I ordered it on Sunday and it arrived on Tuesday.

Very trusted supplier and reset instructions were great and clear.

All working now and thank you for the prompt delivery!


Katja Matthias, August 2023

Top service. Had back, working perfectly within 2 days. Fully recommend

Allan Burnet, August 2023

They repaired our caravan motor mover control system and posted it back within hours of receiving it. Great service at a reasonable cost.

Mitchell Ford, August 2023

Excellent service. Only took a few days to come back and that included a weekend!! Would recommend anyone to use this service

Leanne, August 2023

Perfect service and running perfect … enabled us to Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland with peace of mind .. Thankyou

Niamh Johnson, August 2023

Superfast service
Great service, I posted Monday, repaired Tuesday, received fixed item Wednesday.

Tonx90, August 2023

First class service
Fast and efficient

Mr Ian Chandler, August 2023

Brilliant service, sent in a truma cascade2 burner for repair.
Posted it monday morning I rang on Wednesday to make sure they had received item, was told it was repaired, tested and posted back to me on Tuesday received it back Thursday, took burner to my friend who refitted and it fired up straight away, (when I turned gas bottle on).
Would highly recommend them.

Ali Wadley, July 2023

Remote failed to connect with mover with error code. Mover send to repair to A&R Electronic. After 1 week confirmation came that the mover has been Repaired. After receiving it Repair can be confirmed, great job.

Katja Kreslin, July 2023

Delivered the next day, pairing very easy as per instructions. Excellent service.

Mark Beadle, July 2023

Sent an all wheel drive motor mover control board, boards tested out, fault located and repaired.
Quick, efficient and reliable.

David Nicholson, July 2023

Very quick professional service. Have used many times and is always a first class professional service. Richard is extremely knowledgeable and always keeps you informed of progress. I cannot recommend highly enough. Many thanks 👍

A Eagle, July 2023

Incredible service, friendly and excellent value. I sent my Truman Ultrastore PCB for testing on Thursday via Royal Mail, within an hour of it arriving on Friday, it has been diagnosed, a new fuse holder fitted and it arrived back on Saturday! I was also called Friday morning to get a full explanation of what work was done.

Ross McIntyre, July 2023

Sent my carver burner form my carver cascade that had stopped working a&r sorted it out no problem just a phone call to let me know what the problem was unit came back looking like new with even o rings and fixing screws renewed well satisfied would recommend A&R to anyone thanks Terry

Terence Jones, July 2023

My caravan motor mover failed. The manufacturer quoted £200 for a repair. I came across this company on the internet (either Google or Amazon) quoting a repair for £100 + £10 for return postage.
I sent the control box and remote off on Friday and received it back by 9am Tuesday. Fitted it and now working fine.
Highly recommend this service.

Ian Mac Gilvery, July 2023

Our powrwheel remote had stopped responding to remote control. Sent it off Saturday Morning, for them to get it on Monday. Tuesday morning it was back and repaired and ready to go back in the caravan.
Excellent service, these people do what they promise to do!
Very pleased, thank you A&R!

Alan Williams, July 2023

Caravan was stuck on my sloping drive when the motor mover stopped working, posted the unit on a Wednesday and it was back, fitted and working on Friday, fantastic service,
Many thanks.

Dave Dempsey, July 2023

What a amazing service. Repair done and posted same day. Thank you so much.

Jason Waterson, July 2023

Excellent company to deal with. Remote for the reich motor mover, worked first time when synced. Easy instructions.

David Littlejohn, July 2023

Replacement Reich caravan motor mover
Communication with this company second to none. Every questioned asked received a response with helpful information. The video was exceptionally useful and made it super easy to synchronise the replacement motor mover. Everything really simple with clear instructions. Motor mover now working like a dream. Thank you. Would definitely use this company again.

Maggies Knitting Room, July 2023

No drama just great service, same day turnaround. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my mover repairs after this experience.

Rob Andrews, July 2023

Couldn’t pair remote to Powermover.
Powrmover wasn’t pairing with the remote so I sent the box and remote off to A&R by Royal Mail (excellent service). Got a call at 11:00 the next day to say it had been fixed, new part installed, all tested. It was sent back to me and I received it the next day, fitted it back in the caravan and everything works. Brilliant

Graham Rhodes, July 2023

Excellent company to deal with. Remote for the reich motor mover, worked first time when synced. Easy instructions.

David Littlejohn, July 2023

Wonderful tech support
Ordered the Universal Remote Handset to replace my Powrtouch single axle mover handset I left onsite last holiday of 2022. Delivered within 2 days brilliant. Had issue when trying to sync handset. Called the supplied tech support number and Jan sorted the issue straight away. ( I had set it to program 4 not 3). Up and running. Perfect. Happy Bunny. Pleased to recommend without hesitation. Nigel, Derbyshire.

Nigel Clark, July 2023

Sent my caravan mover electronics in for test / repair 48 hours later I've refitted the unit and all is good.
Can't fault these guys,
5* service
Highly recommended.
Thank you A&R 👍 Lee cope.

Lee triple, July 2023

Very happy
Ordered next day delivery however I’d ordered wrong unit emailed to say I was not sure and got straight back to me to say not to worry they would send correct one arrived next day followed instructions working perfectly.

Tom Hankin, July 2023

Fantastic service. The website works well and placing the service order for repair is really easy. They repaired and tested my Truma water heater modules the next day and I had the parts back within 72 hours of me sending them. I would definitely use them again, and they saved me £250.

Anthony Thornton, June 2023

The new remote worked really well and was easy to sync.
Only criticism was the cost but they are all expensive for what they are.
Would recommend

John, July 2023

Can’t believe we have hot water in our camper again, thought we needed a whole new boiler system but found AR on eBay and they fixed my Carver burner very quickly for a very reasonable price. Posted it to them Wednesday pm, received back on Tuesday! So happy, many many thanks!

Donald Young, June 2023

Fantastic service. The website works well and placing the service order for repair is really easy. They repaired and tested my Truma water heater modules the next day and I had the parts back within 72 hours of me sending them. I would definitely use them again, and they saved me £250.

Anthony Thornton, June 2023

Caravan mover board repair
Phone answered straight away, spoke to a human, no sharp intake of breath. Yes we can do it,cost will be... brilliant service, no fuss, fixed and returned within 3 days.
Highly recommended

 Graham Woods, June 2023

What an excellent service on my truma combustion pcb, posted Thursday afternoon and rang me Friday to tell me the problem and fixed that and lubricated the motor fan too, back in the camper Saturday morning, what a great service A+++

 Scott Collins, June 2023

Highly recommended - Truma caravan mover repair
Very fast and efficient service to repair my Truma M2 caravan mover control unit, unit was returned repaired and re programmed to my handheld controller. Very good value high quality business, highly recommended.

 Richard Strachan, June 2023

Carver water heater burner replacement and test
Brilliant service, very prompt return
They do what they say they do on the tin and more.

 Colin Squires, June 2023

The most rapid repair service I’ve ever known. Posted Tuesday back Thursday unbelievable, yet to fit my power mover on and try it out but I have every confidence all will be great.

 Stephen Harriman, June 2023

Sent motor mover control box for repair, got it back next day, fully repaired and working as it should. Fast, prompt service. Would highly recommend.

 Mr Alan Coots, June 2023

What a great company they received it on Friday rang me at 1300hrs to give
me a breakdown on part required received it back on the Tuesday

 Mike Dudfield, June 2023

Brilliant service had a message from them on Wednesday morning about my box it was repaired and with me the next morning post five stars

 Pz Buster, June 2023

Been trying to get my motor mover fixed for a year now, this company was recommended on FB, posted on Thursday and received it back today Tuesday to n Ireland, working perfectly, fast and efficient. Thanks, I’d recommend A&R to everyone

 Adrian Devlin, June 2023

Truma boiler repair. Inspection and repair to the combustion fan on a Truma combi boiler.
Cost effective and efficient service. Saved a significant amount over buying a new component, great to be able to extend the life of the existing one rather than have to throw away.
Good value and green at the same time.

 Simon Young, May 2023

Brilliant carver/truma repair company
Had a faulty truma/carver gas heater module, sometimes it lit sometimes it didn't, if I was lucky enough for it to light it would go out after a few minutes, found this company through ebay, went for a full Repair test and new burner cage, sent it to them on Monday, was delivered at 10am Tuesday, was sent back on Wednesday, and delivered back to me Thursday! Arrived and was very impressed when I opened up box, it looked like a brand new module, with new carver/truma date and signature seals, fitted it tonight and works as new well impressed and highly recommend this company

 Customer, May 2023

5 star service.
The service was very prompt. I was only charged a testing fee as no fault was found on my Truma motor mover. It was packaged very well and returned using Royal Mail tracked. The whole process from me posting off to receiving it back took 3 days. If needed I have no issue with using A&R Electrical Developments again. Thanks for your 5 star service.

 David, May 2023

Universal remote, Perfect solution.
Universal remove delivered promptly. Only took a few minutes to pair up to my model, instructions very clear, works perfectly, very happy customer!

 Michael Ginty, May 2023

Super quick service.
Helpful on the phone, I posted my unit to them on Thursday, it was returned to me repaired and working on Saturday with a breakdown of what was done etc.
Very impressed.

 Customer, April 2023

100% Top marks. Looked at previous fantastic positive reviews, so sent a message asking for information. Replied within minutes offering to repair within 45 mins if I took my faulty Cascade burner to their Unit. Yan was courteous friendly and knowledgeable, pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.

 David Shepherd, May 2023

Excellent Service - My Carver 2 burner was fixed then at the end of last year it failed - repaired within warranty - then this year when I fitted it back it was faulty again and it was fixed within warranty - Cannot recommend more highly.

 Tim, May 2023

Great service from start to finish which was pretty impressive, sent out carver boiler part on a Tuesday returned to me on the Saturday.
All work complete and carver boiler fully up and running again.
Thank you so much

 Sue Jones, May 2023

This company was extremely helpful assisting me with my problem. They were very efficient and really quick repairing the item and returning it to me . Very pleased

 Fred Cook, May 2023

My faulty PCB was repaired and sent back in 2 days with an apology for taking so long because the lacquer had to dry - impressive enough but when I reported the same fault it was retested, found to be fault free and returned at no cost. Then Richard on two an occasions very patiently went through the system with me until the fault was found - a faulty room stat. That is amazing customer service!
Thank you Richard.

 Chris Church, May 2023

Fast and efficient service, can't thank you enough.

 Susan Gwilliam, May 2023

Unbelievably good/quick turnaround sent special delivery on Thursday and received back Saturday - works perfectly

 Customer, April 2023

Tried several places to get my mover fixed then came across A & R electronics and within a week it’s all sorted after 6 months of messing around with different caravan outlets. Thank you

 David Brunt, April 2023

Truma Combi PCB repair 5* Great service from Richard. I've yet to fit my Truma Combi PCB that went faulty with the 'connection error' issue but the speed and efficiency of the repair is second to none. It was dispatched back to me within a couple of hours of my part being delivered to them.....and on a Friday afternoon! Most places shut half day! Top service thank you Richard

 Craig Powell, April 2023

Absolutely first class service from start to finish. Initially we thought the problem was a fault on our remote, so ordered a replacement. It turned out to be a fault on the mover control box so a full refund was given on return of the remote and super quick repair and return of our control panel. Highly recommended.

 Carol Morris, April 2023

Superb Service. couldn't believe how quick the repair on my motor mover control box was turned around, i was actually emailing them to find out if it had been delivered to them when it had actually been delivered back to me repaired.

 George Wood, April 2023

Great job on my Truma burner and PCboard.
Quick efficient service, no fuss!
Would recommend 100%

 Ian Staniforth, April 2023

Excellent service as always. Used a few times now for different motor movers. Always a very quick turn around.

 George, April 2023

1st class service as usual, I have used this company a few times for various repairs. Always fixed and returned in 3 days(royal mail pending) cannot fault.thanks again for a stunning service.

 Tony, April 2023

Absolutely fantastic service from this company.
Repaired our Truma combi fan last year, completed another repair under warranty this week.
Brilliant, speedy and on point service

 Jenny Hall, April 2023

First class service, repaired circuit board for my motor mover in double quick time, these people are brilliant, I didn't think service like that existed nowadays.

 Roy Crane, April 2023

I sent my Truma mover contol box on Thursday, recieved it back on Saturday completely sorted. Ten minutes to re install and up and running again. Amazing service, why can't everyone be as good as this?

 D J Yates, April 2023

Such a fantastic service. Control unit landed on the Tuesday after the Easter weekend and was turned around and back with me Thursday of the same week. All working and as good as new!

 Emma Jane Findlay, April 2023

A fantastic, quick and informative service. Even though I omitted to send the motor mover remote this wasn’t a problem for them, i just needed to reconfigure it when it came back. Due to the bank holiday i was advised they wouldn’t be able to start looking at it till Tuesday. The unit was fixed, tested & delivered back by Wednesday lunchtime. Thanks for a great service guys. Highly recommended. 👍🏻

 Mr Keith McKeowen, April 2023

Motor mover control panel had gone faulty, only one side sending power to movers. Recommended through social media A&R were able to fix my panel. A swift repair and well packaged, movers working like normal, thank you.

 Fergus McCormack, April 2023

Brilliant service, sent control unit and handset on Monday and received it back on Friday. Totally fixed the fault, would highly recommend this trader. Fantastic not having to buy a new mover, worth every penny.

 Rod Sargent, April 2023

Had a fault with my Reich motor mover so contacted Reich who then put me onto A&R, sent the control unit to A&R on Monday afternoon and it was repaired and returned by Wednesday! Outstanding service at a very good price!
Thank you

 Steve Child, April 2023

Excellent service, posted my Truma combustion fan for testing and repair on the Friday and received the unit back on the Tuesday.
Fan repaired and now fitted and boiler working as it should.
Would definitely recommend and use A&R again.

 Mr Paul Tailby, April 2023

Great prompt service to overseas customer.

 Joe Rudhall, April 2023

AR Electronic repaired and overhauled our Carver Cascade burner unit with no problems whatsoever. A first class and valuable service. Highly recommended. Stephen and Claire, France.

 Stephen James Coward, March 2023

Fixed my Truma caravan motor mover professionally and efficiently. Saved me a fortune replacing it.
Many thanks!

 Adam Pike, March 2023

Ordered a replacement reich motor mover remote control, arrived in 3 days with full instructions on how to pair fitted battery and 30 seconds later motor mover was working again great service

 Mr Stuart Mcniven, March 2023

Rang A&R Last week on Monday morning regarding none operation of a Truma SR motor mover. I was advised to send them the remote control and control panel and did so Monday PM. I got a call at 11-0-clock Tuesday advising that the fault had been repaired. Received back Wednesday before 12-0-clock.
Tested on van and it worked perfectly.
Great service (probably the best I have ever encountered)
Thank you A&R

 Phil O'Connor, March 2023

Always an excellent and punctual repair… thanks again

 Andrew Lambert, March 2023

Great communication, great service.
Great communication, fully informed at all times. Quick diagnosis and repair, despite it being an elusive intermittent fault on my Truma Combi boiler.Very fair price. I would recommend this company without hesitation.

 Tim Barker, March 2023

My caravan mover control unit was repaired and returned to me in 2 days. What a great service!! Tony in Somerset.

 Tony Cooper, March 2023

Fabulous service!! I had a problem with our combustion fan on the Truma Combi 2. It was showing as error #6 on the control panel . To replace with a new one it was going to cost in excess of £300. Spoke to Richard and he sent me instructions on how to remove the part. Repaired and returned within two days at a fraction of the cost of a new one. GREAT COMPANY . Used them before for a previous repair and had the same excellent service.

 Happy Jones, March 2023

Quick return of repaired unit could not get it to work sent back with controller, checked and returned no fault found, my fault it didn’t work lovely people to do business with

 Trevor Bousfield, March 2023

Very prompt and helpful service with follow up call and text messages to assist with my boiler problem I'm experiencing (No fault found unfortunately on my combustion fan sent for test. Will be sending main PCB for test next).

 Dave Wilson, March 2023

Sent PCB off Thursday morning, Richard called me that unit was repaired on Friday morning, item returned to me Saturday morning . You cannot get better service than that .

 Eugene Harcourt, February 2023

Super fast service and sorted out my motor mover. Would recommend to anyone. Thank you.

 Julian Davies, February 2023

Fantastic service. Unit repaired and returned same day. Very helpful advice by phone.

 Frank Lowe, February 2023

Fantastic service
What a fantastic company, fixed problem with my motor mover in no time at all and at a fantastic price.
Excellent service can’t recommend enough.

Neil Anderson, February 2023

Very fast turn round with first class service. Website was very easy to understand and decide which service you want. Heater burner working very well and very professionally repaired. Thanks

 P Lund, February 2023

First class service
We at Premier caravans have been using A&R for many years now, for all of our motor mover repairs and other caravan related electronic faults / repairs - A first class service with a fast turn around.

 Gerry Dixon, February 2023

Brilliant & speedy service.
Placed my order for a repair of my campervan boiler, sent my item out. They received it Wednesday afternoon, Thursday morning had a call advising what's been done to it, Friday morning it arrived back at my house.

 Andrew B, February 2023

Sent thurs received mon all fixed
Had a problem with motor mover not syncing with box sent it to be unblocked really quick service done over a weekend

 Terence Paul, February 2023

Sent off 2 faulty carver water heater burner units for testing and repair on Tuesday 7th, received back with repair sheet and 1yr warranty on Friday 10th. Excellent service, would thoroughly recommend.

 Mike Riddle, February 2023

Amazing service from initial phone call to receiving repaired mover back within 24 hours of posting it to them ..
Definitely would use A & R again.

 Denise Farrow, February 2023

What a great company really helpful they have all the expertise and product to help service and extend the life of some obsolete caravan and Motorhome equipment saving you hundreds of pounds on replacing whole units when they can be brought back to life at a fraction of the price
Highly recommended

 Gary, February 2023

Absolutely brilliant service and friendly. I had a faulty powertouch (caravan mover) control box. Arranged to drop it off as it is not to far from me. Expecting to drop off and pick it up a few days later. I was told I could wait for about 30 mins for it to be fixed. It Needed a few components. I was showed it working after repair before I left. I've refitted it and all is back to normal. Definitely recommend and will use again. All work guaranteed for 12 months.

 Darren Hall, February 2023

Excellent service. Faulty Truma Combustion fan sent for repair on Thursday & returned on Saturday Repair cost £103, compared to £300 for a new one.
Highly recommended

 Jean Kearley, February 2023

Excellent service.
I've had two different units serviced. Fast and efficient, very happy would use again and reccomend

 Peter Brown, January 2023

Excellent service & turnaround time. Our Truma heater in our motorhome stopped working & could not source anyone to fix it. A new combustion fan would have cost £280 & this was repaired including postage for £103. A little noisy but all working fabulously. Would highly recommend

 Michelle Curran, January 2023

Fantastic, ordered Thursday, arrived Saturday and the remote to replace a 15 year old device from a business that has shut down worked. Instructions for set up were clear and easy to understand. Could not be bettered.

 Mr W Lord, January 2023

Excellent service.
I've had two different units serviced. Fast and efficient, very happy would use again and recommend

 Peter Brown, January 2023

What a fantastic repair service from this company faulty part sent Saturday repaired and received back Thursday.

 Keith, January 2023

Absolutely brilliant service from Richard. He repaired the PCB from my Truma Combi 6E boiler and turned it around next day. Highly recommended

 Sean, January 2023

Very fast turnaround. Excellent service. Our Carver water heater has never worked so well!

 Geraint, January 2023

Top marks, Richard was very helpful and obliging, excellent service.

 George Evans, January 2023

Service over and above...
had a problem with an elderly Carver water heater out of my motorhome, the burner and control unit were sent to A & R for testing and repair, it was returned to me very quickly with the note that the problem could not be replicated in testing but the circuit board had been replaced anyway. On installing back in the van it still didn't work, on contacting A & R they told ne to send it back which I did and received back a complete exchange unit at no extra cost, excellent and speedy work, would highly recommend A & R
many thanks!

 Nigel, January 2023

Brilliant service! These guys repaired my completely dead Reich controller and supplied a new replacement handset 5 months ago. Then last week controller was tripping out on one side so was advised by Richard to send it back to see if it was covered by their 1 year warranty. There was no quibbling and repair was done free and very fast. You can never tell whether warranties are worth the paper they are written on, but these guy's certainly is. They could easily have said the fault was nothing to do with the previous repair and charged me again. A good, honest business.

 Tim Goodhead, December 2022

Absolutely fantastic service
I was convinced that AR Electronic would send my unit back as unfixable.
The plate was very badly buckled and all the fixings were missing. It obviously no longer worked either and hasn’t for some years.
I sent it on a Monday and it was back Thursday morning looking great and working perfectly.
Probably the best service I’ve had in years.
I fully recommend them. Excellent.

 Glen Hubbard, November 2022

This old mover needed his Mover. Unit sent off on Monday and received back on Thursday complete with report on faults repaired. Not cheap but the only answer to an aging mover with the advantage of a 12month warranty. Overall I am most happy with the expertise and service provided.

 Peter, November 2022

Excellent service and advice.
Excellent speedy service, tested Truma Combi PCB and then called me up to advise on what was probable cause of failure and how to triage to determine the faulty component. (Turned out to be a remote room thermostat sensor)
So friendly and so helpful can't recommend them enough.

 Roger C, November 2022

A superb service !
WOW. These guys really got me out of a hole.
Caravan stuck on drive in realy awkward position (nose in down a slope), Builders due to arrive with skip etc. Motor mover not working and not able to move it myself due too Arthritis.
I drive over to Cannock and these guys repair the control box while I waited back home and moving in less than 2 hours total Inc driving. Can't thank them enough.

Mike Endean, November 2022

Excellent EEPROM replaced 2 days posted Thur back on Fri, was intermittent fault… 12 month warranty on repair as well

Dave Doughty, November 2022

I have purchased a universal motormover control to replace my white Powrtouch controller that I accidentally ran over!
After a little bit of confusion with the instructions, I realised I needed to take the top of the on board control unit.
It took me 10 minutes to sort it out and I now have a fully working motormover with a gleaming new handset!
I would recommend this anyone in need of a replacement handset. Thanks guys !

Chris Powell, October 2022

Absolutely brilliant, caravan motor mover remote stopped working and a genuine replacement was over £200, ordered a compatible one from A&R via eBay, arrived really quickly despite a postal strike. It was waiting for me when I got back from a holiday, it’s a nice well built handset, after a quick scan of the comprehensive instructions I set it up and linked it to the van, it took 2 mins. works perfectly, better range than the original. Highly recommended, great item, brilliant service!

Paul Costello, October 2022

Fantastic service, fast and efficient service. Would definitely recommend   

Andrew Brown, October 2022

Motor mover on van not working, was recommended to the Company by my service engineer. Sent the electronic box off to them on a Tuesday, phone call on Wednesday 2pm repaired and sent back , received following morning!! Excellent service thank you guys   

Brian Morgan, October 2022

Our PCB was the first potential suspect in a faulty not-firing Truma motorhome combi boiler (solid red light and nothing happening). Thankfully it was indeed the problem! After sending it off to AR Electronic we’re now toasty and warm :) they were really helpful - they rang to check what the symptoms were and then let us know straight away the problem was due to a faulty component before repairing it and sending it straight back. Speediest service I’ve ever experienced! Would definitely recommend, fantastic customer service.   

Jason & Becky, October 2022

I lost my old powrtouch remote control, ordered Thursday pm, arrived Sat morning. Programming details supplied, followed and 5mins later NEW remote moving the van.
Absolutely can not fault.

Michael Downes, October 2022

AR quick and efficient repair yet again.
AR quickly and efficiently repaired my Truma ultrastore PCB earlier this year so when my Truma ultra heat stopped working on electric I also sent them the PCB for the fire. Same exemplary service , only delayed by one of the postal strikes.
Can’t recommend AR highly enough. Brilliant.

Tim Ballinger, October 2022

I had my Truma Carva burner repaired for the flat fee when I bought a second hand van back in March and it worked fine, but packed up again in the summer. I phoned up and they said to just return it and I got it back in a couple of days under warranty repair. Cannot praise this company enough, I wish more had the customer service ethic of this company. I highly recommend them.

Tim, September 2022

Lost my motor mover remote and was recommended this by my caravan dealer. It was straightforward to adapt to my caravan and works very well. I am very pleased with the replacement remote control.

Andrew, September 2022

Fantastic service
Repaired my board in fifteen minutes and returned it to me while i waited
Very nice and Efficient lads. Great job

Phil Tandy, September 2022

Excellent service offered by two very helpful and knowledge guys a must place to go if you have caravan motor mover  electronic problems.   

Mick Law, September 2022

I recommend these people to anyone with an older caravan with a carver cascade GE  boiler unit was repaired within 24 hours and fitted back in the daughters caravan working perfectly I cannot fault them

Keith Jones, July 2022

This company is highly recommended sent in a mover control panel that was  looked at previously by another electronic repair shop who had it for 2 months then told me they couldn't fix it sent it to a&r and it was fixed and returned in 3 days superb   

Stephen Fletcher, March 2022

Absolutely amazing company to deal with. Couldn’t of been more helpful with the saga of my Truma heating system. Fast/Efficient and bends over backwards to help

Pete Holmes, February 2022

Phoned spoke  with Richard with a problem on my trauma heater Friday brought it over Monday as per telephone conversation,tested on test bench repaired fault and retested ok.Refitted to my campervan works ok,Thank you Richard very professional, top man.Kind regards.Chris. 

Chris Cooke, January 2022

First class service, expected to wait at least a couple of hours to collect unit , on way home in 20mins, highly recommended, shame can only give 5 stars, Excellent   

James Shaw, September 2021

My Powrtouch Evolution mover controller was repaired and returned with 7 days. Great service and much cheaper than a new unit. Really happy :-)

Neil Harris, May 2021

Excellent service and very fast turn around. Very Highly Recommend   

Mark Kilroy, April 2021

Great service they do what it says  on the tin   

Lawrence Cook, April 2021

Faulty Truma Combi 4e, the error code pointed towards the combustion fan motor. I contacted Truma and A & R to ask if they thought this was the likely reason for the heater not working, both advised it was probably the cause.
I sent the fan to A & R Royal Mail first class post on Monday. They returned it on Wednesday the same week, repaired and tested.  I re-installed it and did a quick test on 240 V power and the fan spun up. I am really impressed by the service provided by A & R,  amazingly quick service and so much cheaper than buying a new motor for £250 and then finding out it wasn't the cause of the problem in the first place.

Pete. Rowe, 2020

Sent off Truma .motor mover not working Tuesday and was back working on Thursday speedy turn around and top job

Craig Pattison, 2020

Not much to say really. Super fast super efficient company. Highly Recommended. Hopefully won't need to but would use again without hesitation.

Julian Redgrave, 2020

Repaired caravan motor mover dropped off as live close by was repaired within the hour great service

Gaz Swinson, 2020

Sent them my mover box all the way from Aberdeenshire Scotland.
Fixed it same day it arrived i had it back following  Lunchtime , so quick now working perfect
Very happy with there service.

Scott Mckenzie, 2020

Great service while you wait, Motor Mover repaired in to time. Reasonable price friendly efficient service. Very happy indeed  :-)))

Donna Preece, Nov 2020

Just moved house this weekend. Came to move the caravan off the drive of the house we had sold and the Truma mover was dead. Unable to move it manually or get a vehicle to it, the situation started to become embarrassing.  Googled the symptoms and realised it was beyond my capabilities to fix the unit. Whilst reading others peoples tales of woe with caravan movers I noticed A&R electronics were mentioned frequently. I rang them on Friday and Jan talked me through the fault and reassured me they could fix it. It was now too late to get the control unit in the post. Rang Jan again and he told me if I got the unit to them they would repair it whilst I waited so Monday morning I was off to Cannock to A&R electronics. True to their word, Richard took the unit, confirmed it faulty and said they would start the repair. I waited in the car and ten minutes later it was ready. Wow. Total respect for these guys. Paid for it and hot footed it back up to Doncaster and refitted the unit in the caravan. Mover now working like new I retrieved my caravan from what was now someone else's drive and towed it to its new home. Thanks to all the team at A&R electronics for their skills and professionalism.   

Russ Mellor, November 2020

 Just had a motor mover PCB repaired while I waited, 20min later all Done brilliant service thanks A&r highly recommend this company.

Robert Mcgauley, October 2020

Fantastic service, I would highly recommend this company.
From a phone call to a repair 2 days.
Honest trustworthy company.Thank you.

Barry Brown, November 2019

This company is amazing, it truly is fast and very efficient.would highly recommended them.
It was a 3 day turn around from us posting in Wales they received it next day and posted back to us that same day, very very happy

J. Rees, August 2019

Sent my power touch mover control box and remote to these guys on Wednesday as it wasn't responding to commands. They repaired it on Thursday and on Friday I got it back and refitted it to the caravan and everything works well.
Couldn't recommend them enough  what service.
I am well pleased I found them on line.

P. Goodwin, July 2019

First port of call for any caravan related electronic repair or modification.

M. Stanley, December 2018

Excellent service. Very helpful on the phone.Repaired my Carver Cascade burner and got it back to me next day. A great resource for those of with older caravans. Would recommend to anyone and would happily use again.

J. Parr, 2017 

Fantastic service, repaired motor mover and posted back the same day. Now works perfect.... Would definitely recommend to anybody!

SC. Willden, 2017

Excellent first class service,sent motor mover box and handset which was repaired and returned next day now working perfectly. I recommend this company to all caravaners. Thank you

N. Wilson, 2017 

Excellent service at a fair price for repair of caravan motor mover circuit board.

M. Seddon, 2017

Excellent service , fast turn round on sent items , by far cheaper than buying new ! highly recommended


D. willden, 2017

Sent these my motor move box and they fixed it and returned it bk to me within 3 days excellent service and very fast speedy return cannot thank them enuf 

G. Fairhurst, 2016

Excellent turn round on truma water heater PCB board. 

K. Burgess, 2016