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We are the original manufacturers of these items and can repair the units back to original condition.

Getting Your Fanmaster PCB Repaired Is An Easy Process

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Identify your model of PCB from the photos / descriptions below.
Click on the shopping basket next to the relevant repair price.
Follow the checkout instructions - Although it will direct you to a Paypal site, you have the option of paying with a credit card on the webpage.
Once you have paid, send me your Fanmaster PCB. Original Fanmaster PCB will have a thermistor on two wires soldered to the board, this can be left on.  4000/5500 models can be sent together with the plastic enclosure. Enclose your name & telephone number with the unit
I normally repair and despatch your mover the same day of receipt but allow 3-5 days turnaround for UK customers (longer for overseas)

Send to: A&R Electronics, Unit 5a Key Point, Keys Park Road, Hednesford, Cannock, Staffordshire WS12 2FN

Important Customs Information if sending items to me from overseas.
Goods entering the UK for repair & return are not subject to any import duties but any charges imposed (due to incorrect customs declaration or any other reasons) will be the customers responsibility.
Under - Gifts; Documents; Commercial Sample; Other  - Declare as "Other"
As well as a description for the goods - add the following text "Item sent for repair and return"

The following conditions apply:-

1. If the board substrate itself (i.e the green bit) is mechanically damaged / snapped or cracked we may not be able to economically repair it.

2 If the board is corroded or been the subject of a chemical spillage then we may not be able to economically repair it.

3. We will firstly subject your board to a full test. If, on arrival, the board tests OK and we can detect no fault with the board, then you will be charged only a testing fee of £15 (602958, L808176) or £25 (604504). Your tested board will be returned to you.

4. If the board cannot be economically repaired for reasons 1&2 given above or other reasons we send the board back to you untested. Only the return p&p is chargeable

CLICK HERE for FANMASTER FAULT FINDER (For Original unit only 602958 & L808176) - Call us if you require any further details.

Fanmaster Repair

Fanmaster Repair - Model 602958 or Model L808176

Please note this is for repair of your board not supply of a new one.
Fixed cost of £40 + £6 return p&p (UK)
Fanmaster 4000 Repair

Model 604504 ( Fanmaster 4000 /5500)

Please note this is for repair of your board not supply of a new one.
Fixed cost of £50 + £6 return p&p (UK)